Zoe Saldana Backlash Over Nina Simone BioPic


Everyone has an opinion on Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone in the new biopic. The argument is Zoe is not quote on quote “black enough.”  They had to almost dress Zoe up in blackface, meaning they put her in dark makeup and added a prosthetic nose so she can resemble Nina, who was a pioneer in embracing her features. Nina was unapologetic for her full lips, fuller nose, and thick body structure. Zoe is almost on the total opposite end of the spectrum, known for being light skin and her slim physique.


Honestly there are many black actress who could have played this role authentically. I have seen photos floating around facebookof Orange Is The New Black star Uzo Aduba to be a good match to star in the role.


The backlash over this movie has been fully fueled. Nina’s family is simply not here for Zoe playing this role.

zoevsnina ninasimonemusic


I want to stay neutral in this debate. I will not judge the movie or the cast until after I have watched for myself.