Wow Beyoncé Takes Blue Ivy To The Doctor’s Office

I have been reluctant to post all those “Blue Ivy steps out,” pictures. They are pretty pointless. I feel sorry for the new baby Blanket. Beyoncé keeps the baby shield off from the world, tucked away in her arms. This is just crazy to me. It just seems like cradling a baby like that for too long, is unhealthy. I don’t know what Beyoncé think will happen if paparazzi got a picture of Blue Ivy. This is so weird.

Anywho for those of you that care, here’s a picture of blue being wisped off to the Doctor’s office, probably for a normal checkup. Baby Blanket will be 3 months next month. Hopefully Bey, invest in a shield other than her sweaters and fur jackets for the untouchable Blue Ivy.