Wiz Khalifa Saves Amber Rose

Amber Rose has done it. She popped it for a pimp (Kanye), picked up a name for herself & landed a rapper fiancé.

For all you stripper, hookers, and gold-diggers out here, there is still hope. No matter how much you’ve been ran through, practice your kegals, keep it tight & right, and continue to be as nasty and raunchy as possible & you yourself may land an idiot like Wiz Khalifa.

Congrats to the two love birds though. Marriage is a beautiful thing, although nowadays its only a piece a paper , maybe a last name change and a ring. The ring Wiz gave to Amber is really beautiful, elegant, and a little bit too classy for her.


All jokes aside tho, truthful I wish these two nothing but the best & I do think that they really do love each other, the right way.