With Love From Ciera: ‘Spring Equinox’


The Spring Equinox is here. I have been thinking all day about what this means to me and where I am on my spiritual journey. I wanted to write something smart and profound about the start of this new time, coming out of darkness and bringing my life back to the light. But I’m just not there yet. Writing anything but the truth would not be true to the person that I am.

Over the weekend I did do a bit of “Spring Cleaning” but I really did not think of it, that way. I really was just trying to deep clean my crib so I could burn sage, chant, and get rid of evil vibes.

I been talking about the things I want to do, how I want my life to be, etc…but the more I talked the more shit just stayed the same. Now I am prepared to be that change, more than ever.

Some days I barely want to get out of the bed, or leave my house. Sometimes I cry and just feel bad. All days aren’t horrible but some days just are. I’m not perfect and I cannot pretend to be.

All I wanted at the start of the year was to find peace. I’m happy to say that I found it and I enjoy every peaceful moment I get to spend alone with just myself and my thoughts. My happy place is in my own sanctuary surrounded by the people and things I love.

Nothing makes me happier than my kids. I have a love of flowers and plants. I want them around me at all times. I have a thirst for knowledge and learning about the things I find intriguing. I crave a peaceful solitude and  vibrant companionship. My mother says I’m a walking oxymoron all the time.

Back to the subject.

It’s Spring time! I’m ready for whatever and no more talk all action. Let’s see where we are in the next couple of weeks.