With Love From Ciera: ‘May Execution’


I must admit that tonight I am exhausted. Writing a blogpost is simply not what I want to be doing right now. However I know it is what I need to do.

This month I want to make an effort to work towards my true dreams. I have been doing things I need to do to survive and take care of my family, now is time for me to find that balance of doing the things I want to do and the the things I HAVE to do.

May will be the month of prioritizing, planning, and executing. I don’t want to spill the beans about everything I want to accomplish. I started my vision board last month. Now I am working on my long-term and short-term goals. The beginning of the month is a perfect time to plan.

I will be back with an update to let you guys know my progress. Remember if you’re in the same place in life that you were last year, you aren’t living up to your potential. Realize your power and change your life.