With Love From Ciera: ‘Hello Autumn’


The leaves, weather, and fashion are all changing. Autumn is here and I am actually happy about it. I am a summer girl to the core. I love the sun, I love being in the water, and most of all I love short, shorts. Last month, I enjoyed the last few days of summer. I was focused on finding a new home, getting into the swing of things at work and getting my children prepared for school.

This month I feel like there is a fresh crisp breeze of happiness in the air. My work schedule has become a little less hectic, which means more time for blogging. The boys are doing pretty well in school, besides occasional behavior discrepancies caused by my youngest son, but that’s neither here nor there.

I am excited because I am moving into a new home this month. October is hardly a significant month for me. I normally hate the change of seasons. But this year I am prepared for it.  If everything goes as planned, I will be doing a lot of blogging this month. I also want to incorporate an home decor column.

Happy Autumn everyone I hope you enjoy.



Ciera C.