Will Mariah Carey’s New Album Be Triumphant Or A Fail?

Mariah came at us hard with her latest single ‘Triumphant’ featuring Meek Mill and Rick Ross. The song disappointed most because Mimi vocals were minimum; the song seemed like more of an urban rap song, than a soulful Mariah record.

It’s being reported that Mimi will step up her promotion for her upcoming album. The album release date is looking like March 2013, which gives Mimi plenty of time to make her campaign epic.

As we all know by now, Mimi is the new new judge on American Idol, this mean that she will have plenty of TV time, which adds to the promotion train. It’s being rumored that Mariah will put on a big performance, which I’m ready.

Checkout the pictures below of Mariah and ‘dem babies’ Monroe and Rocco.