Why Do You Keep Taking A Cheater Back?



Hey Ladies why is that men can go do us wrong? Why is that we decide to keep holding on? Beyonce ‘nem circa 1999.

Watching the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta made me think of women putting up with dog ass men. Now do not get me wrong, I know Love & Hip Hop can be a scripted mess, but there are some true realties in the story lines.

Most of us have been in toxic relationships that we find difficult to escape. We see toxic relationships play out time and time again on LHH. This season, the love triangle is between rapper (drug dealer) Scrapp DeLeon, his child’s mother Tiarra, and his girlfriend Tommie.  Both Tommie and Tiarra are pretty girls. Tommie has been dating Scrapp for the past year despite her criminal past, she is madly in love with Scrapp. Scrapp has a son with Tiarra and he helps her take care of her other three children.  After dealing with him this long, it’s understandable why it might be hard to leave, however I would not want to settle with a cheater, when I know I am worthy of monogamy.

Even though Tiarra has been through a lot with Scrapp, thats not stopping her from still sleeping with him. Scrapp admitted to Tommie that he was still sleeping with his baby momma. After he admitting to cheating, she still cried when the nigga was about to leave. She did not want that man to go, she loves him. How can you continue to love someone that hurts you over and over? I understand love will make you do some crazy things, but at what point are you going to love yourself more?

How many of us are guilty of being a total bad ass, but cry when he leaves? Girl let his sorry ass go. 

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I’ve had failed relationships that ended because of cheating. Cheating is not necessarily a deal breaker for me, because I understand that sometimes a man just want some new vagina. However what I cannot tolerate is a liar. If I cannot trust you we have nothing. More often than not lying and cheating go hand in hand. I know that even though men may want several different women, there are good men out there that will be so in love that they will never cheat on the woman they love. I want that man.

This leaves me asking the question, “Why would you keep giving a damn dog several chances? He’s just going to keep biting you in the ass.” Granted not all men are dogs…and for the ones that are…I do believe men can change, but only when the pain of staying the same is far too difficult to bare.

Tiarra tried to threaten to take Scrapp’s child away from him if he did not get his act together. That was kind of petty, but Tommie does have an arrest record and as a mother I can understand her not wanting her child to be around a crazy criminal.

What are your thoughts: Why stick around after being cheated on?