Why Did Solange Attack Jay Z & What Does Beyonce Have To Say About The Fight



The question on everyone’s mind is why did Solange go in a rampage against Jay Z in that elevator. I really did not see the footage, when everyone else did. All I saw was my Instagram timeline going crazy putting up pictures of Jay Z and Solange with hilarious captions. I figured that it was something overly-hyped. I did not think for one minute that Solange and Jay Z would be fighting…that was until I saw the video.


Solange was putting those hands on Jay Z while Beyonce stood there, looking like a fool. She didn’t try to break it up or anything, I guess she was letting the bodyguard earn his paycheck. I am just surprised Solange wig didn’t come off.




The questions about the altercation still remain. I don’t know what happened, but I sure wanna know. Why do you think Beyonce just stood there? She was acting like this behavior was normal. Her behavior makes me think that they fight all the time.


  • Yeah maybe that’s the norm for them. Who knows?
  • Y@zmar
    Now stans can realize Jay, and Bey are actually human. Thanks Solange
  • HollywoodHiccups
    I’m curious to finding out how Solange started assaulting Jay Z, like the reason behind it.
  • twanatells
    Those pictures are hilarious
  • HAHHAH! The memes are killing me.
  • Wow yo, these memes are off the chain for real.
  • Family drama is the worst and the most interesting.
  • these memes tho lol
  • Beyonce has every right to be mad at Solange
    • KiaSoto
      those meme
  • twanatells