White Hype – Iggy Azalea + Photos With TIP

So lately there has been a lot of talk about Interscope’s new Australian artist. Iggy Azalea. I wasn’t really into it. All I saw was a pretty white girl. But I took a listen to Iggy’s song entitled “The Last Song” and my little ass was pleasantly surprised. The girl can spit, the tone of the song was nice. I had to find out more about the chick.

A Few Bars That Made Me Excited:

True love died in ’96
There is nothing left now
Replace hearts with business
Damn well…
What I’m meaning to seems I,
Think I met someone
But he ain’t really my type shiiit
He only 21
His fingers do the talking
Where he’s from, will be his coffin

But, I still wanna keep him, cook him breakfast in the mornings
We haven’t even kissed yet
But that just make me want him more
Plus he love his mama yep
He a family man
And even though the ratchets love him,
I still think he a gentleman

Peep Below:

Iggy also went in on Nicki’s Roman In Moscow, she entitled her version: Iggy In Moscow. This lil’ b-tch is refreshing, I can’t lie. Somebody needs to give Nicki some competition.