What I Hate About The First Season of Power

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It’s almost July. Which is arguably my favorite month, due to the fact my birthday is July 14th. Also July marks the  return of one of my favorite shows Power. Being that I am so excited to see my baby James ‘Ghost’ St.Patrick, I’ve been re-watching  the show getting ready for season 3.
Honestly the one thing about the first season of the show, that irks my nerves, is the relationship between Ghost and Angie. If you aren’t a Power regular here’s a brief synopsis of the first season:

Power‘s first season centers around James St. Patrick (better known as Ghost), a very successful businessman that’s running a popular nightclub in New York, raising his kids with his wife Tasha, and just so happens to also be top dog in the drug world. He’s already living a double life as a drug dealer with a legitimate business front and it only gets more complicated when he reconnects with his first love, a beautiful lawyer named Angela. Complicate……….


Ghost is so willing to show his vulnerability to his “side-chick” Angie, however he does not truly convey how he feels to his wife, Tasha. Ghost has a different type of bond with Angie, being that she is his first, true love. In the beginning he goes to Angie, like she’s an escape from the trapped life he lives with his wife.

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When watching the first episodes, I felt so badly for Tasha. If this was real life, I would hope that  Tasha and Ghost would  be able to communicate with each other so that both of their needs would be met. They vaguely tell each what they want but their wants and needs are falling upon death ears.

I think this happens a lot in relationships. Communication is key but the real key is being able to compromise. If you do everything from your heart and out of love, then compromising should not be difficult.

Are you team Tasha or Angie? I’m so team Tasha, that I literally hate Angie.