Weight Loss Secrets: Ballerina Green Tea



Summer is almost here and a lot of you may be ready to slim down. It’s time to spring clean your body and get it together for the remodeling. Before dieting it can be beneficial to go on a detoxifying cleanse. Rid your body of that gradual build up from the intake of fast foods, pesticides, cleaning chemicals, alcohol, and drug use (both prescription & non-prescription). Many people use a dieters tea for getting waste out of the body and losing water weight.

I  started my diet 3 weeks ago. During the first week I cut out a lot of unhealthy foods and basically only ate cabbage soup for the entire week. I also drank Ballerina Green Tea. This drink is an herbal tea, which is supposed to be a healthy natural beverage for dieters to drink that aids in weight loss.

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This tea is very strong, so be careful if you decide to use it. I can’t stand the taste and it gives me stomach cramps. It contains a natural laxative, Senna which will give you diarrhea.It is important to drink a lot of water, while cleansing because if you don’t you will definitely be dehydrated. The more ballerina tea ingested, the more severe the diarrhea symptoms could be.

This tea is not to be used long term, it should only be consumed for a limited amount of time. I can only stand drinking it once a day for about 3 days. I wouldn’t recommend drinking it too often.



I decided not to be a slave to the scale. So right now I am not sure about how many pounds I have lost. But I have dropped down 2 dress sizes. I can see the results, even though it just a subtle change. Here I am wearing a size 7 skinny jean and a crop top. I was only trying the outfit on to see if I could fit it. I am so happy that I could. I can’t wait until I am the size I really want to be.

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I need a waist trainer & I need to get in the gym, ASAP!!!