#WCW – Chrystale Wilson

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Anytime an actor plays the hell out of a roll, we remember the actor as that person. With that being said I know you guys know and love or maybe hate Chrystale Wilson aka ‘Ronnie‘ from the Player’s Club. Ronnie was the ultimate messy, ghetto vixen that showcased how ugly the strip club could really be.  The voluptuous movie vixen also co-starred in Trois, Pandora’s Box, and Locked Down.

Lately Chrystale has been putting in work. Many of you witnessed her charismatic, real and raw personality in the docu-series “From the Bottom Up” (produced by Nicci Girlbert Daniels and Queen Latifah).



The reason we had to make Chrystale our #WomanCrushWoman is simply because we admire her grind. She is not afraid to talk about the struggle and hardship she encountered to get what she wants out of life. She lives her life like an open book in hopes of helping someone. Chrystale continues to work on successful productions like : “Think Like A Man” “Creed” and “Survivor’s Remorse.”



We will be discussing Chrystale and her many business ventures Sunday night on #BehindClosedDoors / #BCDRadio. Follow us on Instagram for more information.