Watch Video | August Alsina Throws A Hissy Fit In Little Rock



What’s wrong with ya’ll ghetto heart throb August Alsina? This guy should sit down and go through media training because his “real n*gga” attitude is going to keep him stuck.



From the video footage below, August showed his attitude over a hat. During a paid club performance in Little Rock, Arkansas August hat was taken (or maybe it fallen off his head). This caused the singer to stop the music, and clown. He cursed everybody out. He wanted his hat back and he wanted it back immediately or he was going to start a riot, (queue 2 Chainz). Now that the video has went viral, August claims that the hat belonged to his deceased brother, Melvin.

In my opinion, August has shown his a$$ one too many times. He comes off as arrogant and rude. It wouldn’t surprise me if the hat wasn’t his brother’s, he probably just wanted to cut the show short, collect his coins and bounce. I’m really not a fan of his, due to his ugly attitude.


Do you think he overreacted?