Watch This | Ciara Talks About Future, Her New Tattoo & Beef With Rihanna


Ciara should learn how to control an interview. In the posted interview they are asking the singer about everything, but hardly anything about her music. Checkout a few excerpt below, provided by Miss Jia.


On why she decided to go public about her relationship with Future:

I felt comfortable in this situation. I feel like you have to be comfortable because when you do step outside, you put yourself in a situation for everyone to have an opinion.

On her beef with Rihanna:

I don’t know what she’s on. Whatever she’s on, she can have it. I’m so cool, I’m so in my zone right now. It’s not that many of us doing what we do. It shouldn’t be anything but love. I feel like all of us and what we do is different anyway, so I couldn’t understand what the need to create drama would be, but I wish her well.

On Beyoncé:

I have a lot of respect for Beyoncé. I think she’s just an amazing performer. She’s a beast. She’s worked hard to be where she is right now and she deserves all the respect.

On why she renamed her album:

As we were moving along, I started to take a different creative turn. I found some new inspiration along the way, so the One Woman Army movement still exists and it’s still a part of who I am because it represents my strength and my struggles and my journey. However, the best way for me to title the record at the time period or at this moment was simply Ciara.


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