Watch Nicki Minaj 2014 Powerhouse Performance



Nicki Minaj let the Powerhouse audience know that she’s the man. She started her set off with ‘Looking A$$ N*GGas’ followed by several of her more recent songs.


She brought Soulja Boy out to perform ‘Yasss Bish.’ Her performance was not over the top, she did what she was supposed to do, which is rap. I like the direction her music is going in.




Watch her performance below:



  • Hollywoodhiccups
    I don’t know about Nicki Minaj, I’ve listened to quite a bit of her music; but I’m just not feeling it.
  • She killed it on this show for real. Nicki Minaj is back
  • Love her new look
  • Her new look is so much better now
  • i thought she KILLED it!! Amazing performance, and lol when Soulja Boy came out