Watch Love & Hip Hop: Atl Episode 7 + Video Of Joseline & Benzino?


Benzino is all about that creep life. This middle aged old man has pulled a move out of child’s playbook, or maybe Ray J’s. The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star has released the visuals for his basic ass song, ‘Smashed The Homie’. He went all out, he couldn’t get the real thing so he hired a Joseline look alike to be the star of the video.

For some reason I think that if Joseline smashed this Zino she would admit it. She seems like an honest whore, is that an oxy moron?

Do you think Benzino and Joseline smashed?

She said she wanna get to know me
Even though she smashed the homie
I’m just saying what they told me
I tried to tell her keep it low key
She wanna do it like some animals
I said I’m with it cause for real girl I’m an animal
If we did that it’ll be more than you can handle tho
At night she creep in my bed and she on it
And then she creep out at 6 in the morning
She always riding in something that’s foreign
She said I’m excited her, her man is boring.

benzino joseline video sex


 Watch The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 2 Episode Seven

  • KiaSoto
    he is so wack seriously and i would personally not want to be the Joseline look a like LOL
  • DivaWhispers
    heck yeah they smashed thats why joseline was so upset over it