Watch | Kerry Rhodes’ Alleged Lover Is Capitalizing Off Of Photo Scandal

Every since the booboo hit the fan regarding NFL Football player Kerry Rhodes  all kinds of rumors came about. I didn’t want to go there with the story, because it was hard getting the real actual facts. Now the story is unfolding and getting more and more messy, I have to give my opinion.

Rumors of Kerry being gay started because of the below pictures (removed due to copy right infringement claims made by Kerry’s lawyer). Kerry was photographed with a flamboyantly gay male Russell Hollywood Jackson. A picture is worth a thousand words and these pictures are saying that Kerry is dipping in the all male pond with a little troll looking man, that has a severe UNDERBITE



After the pictures surfaced, Kerry’s PR people had to go into overdrive denying the gay allegations, you can read that over at Baller Alert.



Hollywood did an exclusive interview with Ballert Alert saying that he and Kerry were in a relationship. He claims that Kerry had a real relationship that was more than just sex.

Now that all of this mess has happened Hollywood is shopping around a reality show, allegedly. Take a look at it below:


This is too much. Hollywood seems like somebody who would do any and everything to be famous. I won’t judge but I’m sure more mess will come out regarding this scandal.