Waka Flocka & His Fiancée Joining Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Officially? + Waka Address Beef With Gucci Mane



Don’t tell me Waka Flocka Flame and his fiancée Tammy Rivera is on the verge of being pimped out and exploited by Mona Scott-Young. Waka might seem a little off, but he’s no dummy. He says that he’s not doing the show, but hid good boo Tammy is about to get that check. Basically it will be like Emily & Fabolous. Fab was never on the show, but Fab was all that Em’ talked about.



Waka On Joining Love & Hip Hop:

I’m not doing Love & Hip Hop. My fiancée is doing Love & Hip Hop. I’ll make 1 or 2 [appearances]. She with it, I don’t do reality show. That’s great let them put a million dollars in her pocket because of me. I don’t have to buy no more shoes, purses.


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On Wanting Kids With Tammy:
I want a kid too. I’ve been trying, I’ve been shooting duds. [stop smoking weed].I already did I’m taking vitamins and all.

Waka also talked about his beef with Gucci Mane. Waka says he just wants to catch Gucci and slap him a couple of times. I bet he would beat Gucci’s butt. Somebody needs to. Waka thinks Guwap has a mental problem. Let’s not forget that Gucci once claimed that Waka was his “shooter”