Video World Premiere | K. Michelle – ‘Can’t Raise A Man’


K. Michelle released the visuals for her popular hit song, ‘Can’t Raise A Man’. I really enjoyed the video, the concept was nice. K. Michelle looks very classy (even with her lace front changes Kimberly rocked the red and blonde wigs, hunty).


In the video we see several grown “little boys”, from an abusive man, to a drug addict and even a cheater. He got older but never grew. The message K. is trying to display is no matter how much you love some one, if they are not ready to change you will not be able to change them. No matter how much you want that person in your life to be an adult, accept responsibility and do what you consider is right they are not going to do it until they are ready. You can’t raise a man!


Love this record.