Video | Rihanna Sloppy Drunk & Late Receives Backlash From Fans


Our pop princess, Rihanna is clearly going through a tough time. It has to be hard to be her age with all those fans and obligations to live up to. Rihanna was boo’d on stage in Denmark, the next day she was reportedly spotted getting wasted and high.


Rihanna seems tormented. She has so much but it doesn’t seem like she’s truly happy. Her attitude isn’t humbled maybe she’s just trying to find her way. Whatever it is she has to do better because fans are not appreciating her lackluster late performances. Rih has been repeatedly late to several shows.



  • I need her to get it together!
  • DivaWhispers
    this is truly a waste of talent. RiRi is falling off…she needs counseling
    Oh man. Sad! I hope she gets her act together. smh
  • She was drunk at someone else show, non? Kings of Leon. And was late for her show at a festival. Every concert I’ve been to the main act has been late.
  • KiaSoto
    she is a mess