[VIDEO] Pick A Side: Sundy Carter Says Malaysia Fought Dirty & Gave Her The Black Eye



Whose side are you on Sundy Carter’s or Malaysia/Draya’s? Sundy claims that Draya Michele is not the one who punched her in the eye. She claims that the shows “peacemaker” Malaysia hit her which gave her the black eye seen around the world.

“@DrayaFace don’t take credit 4 that black eye b***h. I give it when it’s due @MalaysiaPargo snuck me but this u tho!” Sundy tweeted.

“@Drayaface got her a** whipped bottom line @MalaysiaPargo hit me while I was held f**k y’all 4 coming on my page this early abt stupid s**t,”

“Well @MalaysiaPargo then she got the message & knows what she did u ain’t low passed off that good old gold cuff & snuck me take ya credit.”

After all the backlash Sundy wanted to fight Draya again, she tweeted:

“I’ll be there by 7 pm u got 1 hit but roll the tape b***h!! U can talk all u want,”

Draya wasn’t her for it though:

“No girl. I won’t come to your event tonight. Lol”

“The winner never wants a rematch. #idontmaketherules.”

From the video it does look like Malaysia is the one who hit Sundy. Is this fair? If your friend was fighting someone would you jump in it the same way that Malaysia did or would you let them fight one on one? Or would you rather  have friends that aren’t ratchet and fighting, lol. Checkout the video below and let me know what you think.