Video | Mimi Faust’s Boyfriend Nikko & Johnny Drops Visuals For ‘NY 2 LA’

Mimi's Boyfriend Nikko Johnny-Gay-Rumors-Impeccable-Imperfections

Mimi Faust’s boyfriend Nikko released visuals for the song ‘NY 2 LA‘.

Mimi should change her name to Nemo, the lady stay lost.  On the last ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atalnta’  Mimi was so excited to be in her boyfriend Nikko’s video. I guess she was glad that someone wanted to put her in the spot light. Steebie ruined that lady emotionally and mentally.  Any who Mimi was ready to support her man. You can tell that Mimi was in good spirits. Until K. Michelle recognized  the other artist that was apart of the song & video, ‘Johnny’. K Michelle had a problem with him rapping about smashing girls because she claimed that he was gay. I really don’t see how his sexuality was any of K’s business.

Johnny and Nikko over heard Mimi, Ariane, and K. Michelle discussing Johnny’s sexuality which lead Johnny and Nikko to getting into a heated argument with K.  Mimi got mad and acted all big and bad like she loves to do, by saying a few choice words to her friends. After K. and Ariane left the set, Mimi proceeded to be Nikko’s Joseline [aka video hoe].


Checkout Mimi’s Big Starring Role In ‘NY 2 LA’:



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Source: Miss Jia