Video | Love & Hip Hop’s Nikko Defends His Actions & Goes In ON Stevie J


Love & Hip Hop’s Nikko is so corny to me. He looks like an old man in the face and he’s an opportunist. He’s on the show to be Mimi Faust’s love interest, but he seems like a little Stevie J. It’s like he studied the first season and said to himself, I can do this, I can be the next Stevie. Unfortunately it’s not working out so well for him, K. Michelle called him out on his bullsh*t and so did Stevie. Now Nikko’s speaking out and defending himself with an interview with Streetz 94.5.

On the “fake Rolex”

I got it used. What man you know that’s gone give a woman a rolex six months in to a situation that you knew she was still caught up on her pass? You gotta understand something to—No disrespect but I gotta keep it real, what makes me worthy of getting a rolex. I gave it to her out the kindness, cause that’s what I wanted to do. Soon as I came into the picture he wanted to give her a car. He did the whole last year with her, never gave her anything. Nothing expensive at all Now he wanna give her a car, cause I gave her a rolex? Really? If I can make you do that, what you gonna buy her next, a house?



Then he really goes in on Stevie J.

In the first season, he was wearing Joseline’s boyfriends clothes. Let’s keep it real. Puff had you in an abandoned building in New York you had to circumnavigate to Miami, to go sleep in Benzino’s office, the offices he had in Miami, sleep in the backroom, come on homie I know everything. You just started getting money six or seven months ago. You were broke taking the bus in Atlanta. Stevie, Stevie I’ve been getting money all my life. You just started getting money, you haven’t had money since ’95. If you wanna take it there and talk about tic toc, it’s TV tricks. It’s all entertainment. Were ya’ll not entertained? I’m not him though, he’s the fugazy one.

On K. Michelle calling him gay:

I’m all man. Ain’t no downlow, nothing gay about me. I don’t know K.Michelle, I met her one time. I didn’t even invite her to the video. I made a statement at the club and I said I was doing a video, she came to the video but I didn’t invite her.

  • How are these men going to survive when they get cut or the show ends?
  • KiaSoto
    lol exactly at Nicola
  • KiaSoto
    at least nikko got a chance to defend himself
  • DivaWhispers
    he should’ve not given her anything at all looking like a buster
  • twanatells
    Something about Nikko don’t sit right with me
    Haha! This episode was hilarious!