Video | Love & Hip Hop’s Kirk Frost Jumpoffs Bambi & Mary Jane Fight On Kandi Koated Nights + Mary Jane Defends Here Mistress Ways?



This week on Kandi Koated Nights  with guess star, Mary Jane from ‘Real Mistresses of Atlanta‘ & ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta‘ was a hot mess. Just incase you haven’t heard of Mary Jane, she is best known for her whoring ways with Rasheeda’s husband Kirk Frost.  On#KKN we learned that Mary Jane had an affair with several married men. They even allude that she was with Shaquille O’Neal. Mary Jane and her exfriend, Bambi apparently have beef now. Bambi popped up on Mary Jane after hearing her talk trash about her. They almost got into a fight, very ignorant.


 “Let me say Rasheeda & I are really good friends. I’m trying to be non biased. I told her [Rasheeda] we were going to interview Mary Jane & she was like ‘Wow….’ For years Kirk & Rasheeda have been my I look up to couple, like one day I hope I get there, meaning get married & have a long marriage.”


DJ: A-One To Mary Jane:

“Let me ask you this question. You said you did music, is that how you met Bambi?”


Mary Jane:

“That’s  how I met who? You talking about a bitch that wear fur hats in a hot tub, who? I got a few transformer friends who look more like a girl than her.”



“Were you the same woman who had to file a restraining order against Shaquille O’Neal a couple years back?”


Mary Jane:

“I don’t really know anything about that man. Next question. Allegedly.”


Funky Dineva:

“They got a picture on the twitter & the Instagram with you taking a picture somewhere with Rasheeda so you can’t pretend like that lady didn’t have a husband. You seen season 1—so do you understand why the people is calling you a hoe?”


Mary Jane:

“I did know that he was married. I did understand that of course. Oh well it is what it is. He walked into a single man party and he was with some single women. I’m out here trying to rap, he a manager.”


DJ A-One:

“Were you doing that for TV time? Were you in it for the fame, like you’re coming up off this sh*t?”

Mary Jane: 

“Kirk put himself in a single man position. Take a shot of patron & I’m gonna take a shot of patron. I would honestly say this. I knew he was a married man. Yes I met them together as a couple. I have nothing bad to say about her. When patron involved & music involved.”


Bambi walks in & the shit hits the fan Mary Jane went completely off!!!! Mary Jane claims that Bambi’s been with Benzino sexually and now that she’s with Scrappy and still not getting any airtime.

Watch the video below:


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  • KiaSoto
    a hot mess
  • Twana Tells
  • What these dummies will do for 15 minutes of fame.
  • These jokers stay staging a story for a few dollars.. Don’t they realize they all look like a fool in the end.. Especially Rasheeda if she stays with him after all this ish!
  • DivaWhispers
    I can’t stand home wrecking hoes…NEXT!
  • Twana Tells
    They both thirsty for attention smh
    She knew he was a married man! I don’t need to hear anything else. Good luck to that career boo. It’s not worth opening your legs for this kind of embarrassment and shame for coming between a marriage. smh
  • KiaSoto
    these broads i swerar