Video | Love & Hip Hop Star Erica Mena Involved In Ratchet Fight


Erica Mena is known for being a spicy latina chick and talking a lot of smack. Her mouth has been the cause of her getting beat up on numerous occasions. Homegirl is supposed to be a model why would you jeopardize messing up your face for a ratchet fight. Grown women should positively figure out other ways to solve problems.

According to TMZ the fight occurred at a nail salon grand opening. Apparently a woman named ‘Tiffany’ approached Erica about one of Erica’s ex-boyfriend that she hooked up with.

Watch the fight below:

After the fight Erica utilized twitter to let her fans know that she won the fight. How rudimentary. From what I saw she definitely didn’t win anything.

“Yeah I knocked @Tiffsway The F*ck Out Tonight SOO Classic! … She wanted A Min of Knock out fame and got it!!!”