Video | Kim’s Stepdad Bruce Jenner Confirms That Kanye West Is Never Around

kanye west bruce jenner kim kardashian

We’ve all speculated that Kanye West has been the absentee baby daddy. Now Kim Kardashian’s stepdad Bruce Jenner has confirmed what we’ve all been thinking; Kanye’s hasn’t been around for much of Kim’s pregnancy.

Bruce told Extra:

“Actually, I have only met him [Kanye] once. He’s never … he’s not around. He was in Paris the whole time writing, and he just hasn’t been around.”

Kim Kardashian step brother, Brody Jenner fine ass hasn’t even met Kanye.

“I’ve never met him,” the new cast member admitted. “But Kim says great things about him  and so does the entire family.”



As much as I like to make fun of Kim, I like her. I want her to have a successful happy relationship, but I just don’t think Kanye’s ready.