Video | K. Michelle’s Boyfriend Lance Stephenson Has A Pregnant Baby Momma But K. Defends Him

K. Michelle sure knows how to pick them doesn’t she?

Apparently her new boyfriend Lance Stephenson daughter’s mom Reby is a couple of months pregnant and Lance is the alleged father. Lance & Reby already has an adorable daughter named Llyah.


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In an interview with The Breakfast Club K. Michelle addressed the rumors & she even talked about her Fake Butt.

On New Relationship:
We do what we wanna do. I don’t want to start the nagging K. Michelle. I just want to smile with him.

On recent report about him being with his child’s mother:
She sent the story in. I know men do what they do I don’t wanna find out about it, I don’t wanna hear about it. The baby mom situation gone do what you gotta do.

On Reby being pregnant now:
(She’s not pregnant) No. Not that I know of, but I’m not going to sit her and be the delusion b*tch. I ain’t gon’ be her. No he’s not going to do that, after we know you sent that story in. If he goes and hits that again he deserves everything he gets. She’s just thirsty. 


Reby took to Twitter to say that she’s indeed pregnant.

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Watch Below:


Feby wants to be rapper. She put a song on her YOUTUBE account rapping “I want to be with a baller. You can tell by my aura I want a shotcaller.” She might be doing all of this for publicity like K. Michelle said.




Here is the letter that was sent to by an Alleged friend of Reby’s:

“Dear Bossip,
For the past three years my closest friend has been in an on and off again relationship with her “NBA” daughters father. Recently, I thought things were getting better between them being that I seen them together at her home in New York, but then she tells me K Michelle has been calling his phone while he was spending time with her and their two year old daughter. I am not one to listen to the media but there have been a lot of articles about her and my friends baby father on the Internet lately. I forgot to mention his name is Lance Stephenson. My friend has been telling me what’s been going on and how he left his daughter on the 4th of July to take K Michelle on a date which I personally think broke her heart only because I truly believe she is pregnant. She had just told me they had unprotected sex that same day, which is crazy because he just bought K Michelle some kind of ring. I never liked this dude so I am not surprised from any of this because he did something similar during her last pregnancy. She was four months pregnant when he was arrested for beating on his first child’s mother but I guess she didn’t learn he was no good then and took him back. I need help trying to convince her he has played her big time this time around and he is doing it in public so she cant be in denial about this. She doesn’t learn her lesson when it comes to this guy but I am hoping he stays away for good this time, especially if she is pregnant!!!! Because from what I see he doesn’t help her take care of their two year old daughter or his four year old that he has with another female, yes I know he is busy so I would hate to see her go through another stressful pregnancy. I am really worried about her and I don’t want her to go back to him or let him off easily, how can I help her through these rough times?”

Sidenote K. Michelle claims she got a Brazilian butt lift with no injections, I think she got some fat from her stomach and put it in her butt, that butt is just unreal.