Video | Draya Michele Defends Herself Against Deadbeat Mom Accusations



Basketball Wives: LA star Draya Michele helped Bow Wow host 106 & Park.  She talked about her Instagram fame, career, and swimsuit line. BET let Draya have her own #ASKDRAYA segment. She was asked a lot of questions, the segment got intresting when she was asked about how she dealt with people talking negatively about her parenting skills.

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Draya speaks on the people of talks negatively about her bad parenting skills:


 “Well, the first thing is, I don’t expect people to understand my life. Because it’s my life. I’m not a bad parent in any way. I’m lucky enough to have fans that have followed me on the show, BBWLA and they know the path I’m trying to chose and set for my family. Mind ya business!”

 When asked about how she deals with her haters she said:

 “I got so many haters. I’m starting to think that they don’t really hate me. I think they’re confused. They’re admirers. Haters are confused admirers. They just love me. If you’re thinking about me, negative or positive, you’re still thinking about me. I’m still on your brain. Draya’s on your mind all the time”



Draya is real cute. Why are people asking her about her parenting skills, called haters? She is the one who left the child at home alone, it’s not our fault  it became public knowledge. Miss thing has been saying she’s moving her son to LA for the absolute longest, but she still haven’t done it. She’s busy looking glamourous on Instagram, getting drunk in the club, and hanging out with friends; but she’s on her grind tho.  If that’s her hustle I can’t knock it. Every parent makes some type of sacrifice. Draya has sacrificed time in order to provide for her son; she’s doing what she has to do. But there are plenty of working girls making it work with being the primary parent in their child’s life. Draya’s mother is raising her son, which makes Draya seems like an absentee mother. On top of that the allegations of child neglect make her seem like a horrible mom. I know she’s learned from that situation and hopefully grown. Unfortunately what she did in the past has not been erased from history. People still feel some type of way. Whether its right or wrong.


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    She looks nice. That’s all I can give her. smh
    • KiaSoto
      yes i agree she does
    • You too are so kind. Poor thing, I hope she figures it out soon.
  • KiaSoto
    i felt sorry for her til i heard how she was putting down teachers
  • MrsGrapevine
    When will the word “hater” retire. People are using it when they don’t want to hear certain things about themselves. So she has haters, what does that have to do with her mistakes.
  • Spilldabeanz
    love the dress!
  • yazmar
    blah blah..looks is all this yamp has going for her. I never felt sorry for her. I know her kind