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The climate of dating has changed significantly. There is not one particular person or thing to blame. There are several things that has contributed to the demise of dating, courtship, and lasting relationships. People these days are very immature and childish. Most people in the X/Y generation do not know how to properly communicate their wants or needs. Communication is the base of a successful relationship, along with love and trust. The video below is a funny skit I need with comedian Vic ‘FatandPaid’ Mathis.


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As you can see both reactions where childish and unwarranted. In the skit, the character played by me, Ciera Chantál wanted to take a picture with her boyfriend FatandPaid;  she wanted to post the picture on social media. Fat did not want to be seen in the picture so he hid his face. She was mad that he did not want to take the picture so she demanded that he got out of the car, although honestly she did not want him to go.

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