Video | Basketball Wives Draya Michele & Sundy Carter Almost Fight At Pre-Oscar Party


You can take the girls out of the hood but you cannot take the hood out of the girls. Basketball Wives: LA (never been wives but, girlfriends) Draya and Sundy Carter recently showed out at  Uptown Magazine’s pre-Oscar party in Los Angeles. The two ladies got into a massive shouting match that looks like it could potentially turn into more.

From what we  see on the show the two girls have a petty beef. I am not really sure why Sundy doesn’t like Draya, maybe it has something to do with the fact that Sundy is friends with Jackie Christie who is not that fond of Draya.

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According to the argument started because Draya confronted Sundy about talking negatively about her in past interviews. In the video we clearly hear Draya saying ‘You’re at my job’. Exactly it’s a job, you should not be showing out like that, especially if you’re a professional “party host”.

It’s being reported that Draya and Sundy get into a fight on BBWLA.