#TWITTERBEEF Sundy Carter Mocks Brandi Maxiell Cancer Medical Condition


The ladies of Basketball Wives: LA know how to stir up drama. Some of them do the most on TV just for camera time (It’s entertaining, because we’re laughing at ya’ll). The ladies waste no times getting on social media to defend their actions on  the show or either rip another castmate to shreds.

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Sundy Carter tweets went to an all time low when she made reference of Brandi Maxiell past Cancer medical condition. Sundy should try a little harder to be a better role model to her kids.

The mess started when a fan tweeted:

@SUNDYCARTER@BrandiMaxiell and again i did not know cancer patients act upon this way #ijs

Sundy’s reply: @BrandiMaxiell surviving cancer patients at that souldn’t u be more humble but u mad at me 4 what again? oh we know y


This is just plain childish if you ask me. Sundy even implied that Brandi’s husband was out in the streets messing around with several different women.



On the last episode of BBWLA I was very disappointed in Brittish Williams. She actually tried to start beef with Malaysia because of the way Malaysia spoke. I think that Brittish may have that small town mentality. Who cares if someone speaks to you or not. If they speak to you dry who cares. Grown women have other things to worry about.

I cried of laughter when Brittish tried to go in  on Malaysia for being late, but she was later than her. Ummm, ladies do better.