#TWITTERBEEF | Chantel Christie Goes In On Draya and Blast Orlando Scandrick As Undercover Gay


The drama on Basketball Wives LA continues. On tonight’s episode Jackie Christie lets Draya Michele know that her boyfriend Orlando Scandrick was trying to talk to her daughter, Chantel Christie. Draya looked so silly in this episode. She was running around saying how in love she was after 6 months of dating, even talking about how she feels like an adult because she and Orlando still using condoms. Draya also revealed (yet again) how insecurities, by saying how crazy, possessive, and psychotic she is about her man. Malaysia and Brandi tried to educate her on the fact that no matter how crazy you are if a man wants to cheat, he will cheat.

Jackie Christie really embarrassed Draya when she exposed Orlando (which were totally her intentions. I think this season Jackie was out to get Draya. The first 2 seasons Draya exposed Jackie’s craziness now it’s Jackie’s turn to mess with Draya’s reputation).

I thought that the love triangle between Chantel, Draya and Orlanda was all made up just for good reality tv. But now it seems like Orlando really was trying to get with Chantel. I see why he wants Draya off of reality tv. I’m sure a lot more of his jumpoff’s will be ready to expose him now.


Draya took to twitter to defend her man and to bash Jackie Christie’s daughter:


Chantal Christie was very vocal on twitter as well. She basically said that she stopped talking to Orlanda because he is gay! She tweeted: LMAO! I stopped talking to Orlando because Orlando isn’t into women




Do you think the drama is real or fake. Are you team Draya or Jackie?