Trey Songz Boo’d Up With Lauren London But Uses His Rumored Girlfriend Tanaya Henry As Cover Art For ‘Sensational’


With a body like that and smile so bright you can’t help but assume that Trey Songz is a ladies man. It’s been rumored that he’s in a relationship with actress Lauren London. Neither parties ever confirmed this, but Trey did admit that Lauren was a very special person in his life. Over the weekend Trey was spotted giving Lauren a kiss on the cheek, that’s pretty innocent.


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The R&B singer recently put out new music, a single entitled ‘Sensational’.The song is very sexy and try describes a lady that would always be his “Senstational girl”. This song could be penned for Lauren but ironically Trey used another rumored girlfriend, Tanaya Henry photo as the cover art. Tanaya claims that she and Trey are just best friends, but I’m sure that they are a little bit more.







  • thegreatmonkeysuit
    Can never have too many ladies!
    • LOL. Yes you can. Especially if one of them is a vengeful bish.
  • DivaWhispers
    Trey is definitely the ladies man….he is hilarious…
  • twana tells
    So maybe they are really together