Toya Wright Celebrates Anniversary W/ K. Michelle’s Alleged Abuser Memphitz

The lovely Toya Wright is currently in Paris doing bossy things, with her husband Memphitz. The couple are celebrating their 1 year anniversary. It seems as though the two aren’t too caught up with the outside world, even with the drama swarming around recent aligations involving Memphitz and “Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta” star K. Michelle.


On the show, K. Michelle told a vidid story about being abuse by Memphitz (but she did not actually say his name, but everyone knew who she was talking about). The soulful singer claimed, Memphitz blacked out while whooping her ass. She also said that he spent her  entire recording budget on himself.

Toya & Memphitz are trying to act as though they aren’t worried about the drama. They are living life and being happy, but not without showing their bliss to the world, by tweeting & twitpic’n every damn moment of their “happy”  life!

Toya retweeted a fan, (who probably tweeted what Toya wanted to say):

“@MeMpHiTz & @ToyaWright been married a whole year now all of a sudden ppl accusing him of being abusive??‪#HATERSINDABUILDIN”‬

Toya tweeted:

A year ago I married the love of my Life….. Thank you God for blessing me with such a Great Man.
F$ck what u heard…. I don’t think they make em like this anymore. ‪#ilovemyhubby

And Memphitz tweeted:

I Cherish the Day GOD sent me My OwnPersonal ANGEL. 2 @ToyaWright My Beautiful Wife. I Love U 4 Lovin Me. Happy Anniversary#1! Heres 2 4Ever

I personally believe, where there is smoke there is somebody, somewhere, getting high. Memphitz probably did abuse K. Michelle, but I don’t think K. is innocent either. She seem to have a little bit of Memphis ratchness, in her. But whatever the case is, I am glad that unhealthy relationship is over.

K. Michelle discussed the abusive relationship on a few Youtube videos, check them out below.

Video Posted: May 11, 2011

Video Posted: December 14, 2011

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K. is doing everything in her power to stay relevant. I like her although she is milking her 15 minutes of fame and over exploiting her voice, for what? Check out the remix she did to R.Kelly’s Shut Up.

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