Toya Better Not Shake The Table Because K. Michelle Is Ready To Put Her Paws On Her


Drama brewing between K. Michelle and Toya Wright is scandalous. These girls are giving the public too much to work with. We know what Toya thinks of K. and we know what K. thinks of Toya because of their interviews and tweets.

Today K. Michelle went in on Toya, letting her know that she’s not scared to put her paws on her, after all K. is from Memphis. Check out the interview where Toya says K. Michelle needs to shut up and stop talking about her husband Memphitz.


K. Michelle previously tweeted:

“Damn, I better take these pills for schizophrenia before The government come and take my child that I just dropped off at school Monday,”

“It’s sad when people resort to trying to hurt others to keep a public image. God Bless Them.”

“Damn I wonder if I’m crazy enough to get some medicine and a check. I don’t turn down no checks. We cashing out. #Balling hahahaha.”

Lawd….Don’t shake the table, Toya…don’t shake the table.