Toni Payne Discusses the Topic When Fans Cross the Line + RHOA Reunion Fight


Hey guys, if you’re looking for an interesting podcast to listen to; I have found a new entertaining, informative, funny show that I know you will enjoy. It is hosted by Toni Payne.

On the podcast episode posted below,  Toni Payne shares her opinion about the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion show fight between Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams. She also discusses fans who cross the line by harassing celebrities either online or offline citing examples such as Kanye West, Chris Brown and more.

Toni Payne is a writer, podcaster, and poet who runs the popular lifestyle and entertainment website where you can read her opinion on just about everything from entertainment topics to general lifestyle and motivational topics. Her podcast is available for subscription on iTunes under the name “Everything Toni Payne”. Her Lifestyle and Entertainment blog is funny, witty and very real. She has a way of drawing you in because she writes from the heart. Reading her posts leaves you with the feeling of chatting with a close friend. She also features some of her spoken word poetry for download and has a page dedicated to motivating you with picture quotes.

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  • I had the opportunity to interview her today. She is super cool and down to earth.
  • cottenkandi
    Thanks for putting me on to this woman. I kinda like her.
  • i definitely need that. lol.
    can’t wait to watch part 2 tonight