TLC Biopic ‘CrazySexyCool’ Reactions + Brandy & Keri Hilson Share Photos + Throwback Grammy Award’s Video Interview


TLC‘s CrazySexyCool biopic about one of the greatest groups of all time was pretty epic . I appreciate  TLC’s story. It was done very tastefully. I cried watching. I could relate to each one of them in my own personal way.

The movie is getting positive reviews. Although Black Twitter acted a couple fool, why folks have to make a mockery out of everything.



Celebs took to twitter to celebrate the movie and the group.


I love the picture Keri Hilson posted. The singer paid major homage along with Brandy:




Checkout TLC out after they won their Grammy’s. You can see that they were aggravated with what was going on with their record label. It was written all over their faces, checkout the video below:

  • I gotta see this movie!
  • MrsGrapevine
    The acting wasn’t that great, but it took me down memory lane. The movie was good because of nostalgia.
  • Y@zmar
    TLC is legendary
  • KiaSoto
    great movie
  • I surprised this show did so well. I didn’t think anyone was missing TLC.
  • HollywoodHiccups
    Love TLC!
  • The movie was pretty flawless and made me want to listen to TLC’s music again. 🙂
  • Finally watched it, it was pretty good. Not as great as everyone was going on about thoughl. LOL
    Yes great movie.
  • Gossipthat
    nice movie