Tiny’s Late Night Talk Show + Girls Night Out Photos

T.I.’s wife Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris is making major moves. The couple’s second season of the popular reality show ‘Family Hustle’ will be returning to t.v. this upcoming Monday.

Additionally Tiny has  landed her own television show. Tiny confirmed that she will have a late night talk show with a few of her friends, that will feature a round table discussion regarding various topics.



Here’s what Tiny tells VH1’s Morning Buzz:

“I’ve been wanting to do a late night talk show with my homegirls for a while now. So I have my new show, it’s called ‘Tiny Tonight’ – a late night talk show – the first late night talk show on VH1. Just me and my homegirls talking about what’s going on in the world – a younger, next generation of ‘The View.’”

Some people are not taking this news very well. They’ve been voicing their opinion saying that Tiny friends are hoodrats, that no one will want to hear from & some have even went as far as saying they don’t want to see Tiny’s ugly face on t.v. anymore.

Well all of Tiny’s friends aren’t hoodrats! She’s spotted here with Tamar Braxton, Toya Wright, Lauren London, Malika & Khadijah. Checkout  the above photos of Tiny & friends at what appears to be a girls night out.