Time To Let Go Bobbi Kristina


Time to let go

In my humble opinion, it is time for the family and the world to let Bobbi Kristina go.   Whitney Houston and her beloved baby girl had an unmistakable bond.  Their relationship had a co-dependent undertone, nonetheless, it was a great relationship.

Some people can navigate through the mourning process without any hang ups but some people are just not able to go one when a loved one, such as a mother, has passed on. I feel that it would have been exactly the same if Bobbi Christina would have passed before Whitney. The pain would have been much too much for Whitney to bear as well. Let us not forget about Anna Nicole Smith. Her beloved son passed on prior to her passing but because, one again, of their co-dependent relationship, Anna Nicole Smith was not able to go on and passed on shortly after her son’s passing.

The mind is powerful. A person can die mentally a long time before an actual physical death. Through her actions we know that Bobbi Kristina was in extreme pain ever since the day her mom passed. In my view, the day we lost our beloved Whitney is also the day we lost Bobbi K.

I am the mother to a beautiful daughter and we have an extraordinarily special relationship so I can relate to Whitney and Bobbi Christina’s relationship wholeheartedly and although it is not easy for me to say I think Bobbi Kristina just wants to go to be with her mom and we all should honor her request.



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