This High School Teacher Loses 350lbs and Becomes Our New #TEACHERBAE

Harrison County, Mississippi – Robert Browne, a health teacher at Harrison Central High School has transformed into a hottie.

The handsome teacher has been getting a lot of national attention for his impressive body transformation. An editor from “Men’s Health Magazine” messaged the 30-year-old gym teacher on Instagram, then featured him in a weight loss article.

Browne said over a period of several years, he went from out of shape and over 350 pounds to a muscular 240 pounds with weight lifting. He said he also watches what he eats to the gram and has protein or a fibrous vegetable with a measured amount of carbohydrates in small meals.

“Everybody says my shirt tight. They joke with me, shirt too tight. I know it comes from a good place, but then they say ‘I’mma be as big as you when I grow up,’ and I say ‘I hope you do,’” said Browne. – The News for South Mississippi

Browne says he works out twice a day during power lifting season with his students at school and belongs to Wolf Pack Gym.