This Ain’t Life News \\ Small Child Gets Put In Laundromat Washing Machine & Goes For A Horrific Spin (Video)

This crazy video has begun to go viral across the web. It displays a black male & female putting a small child in a laundromat washing machine which is so bizarre. After I watched the video I automatically thought the people involved, were the child’s parents, but new reports are claiming the adults involved were not parents, but babysitters watching the child, as a favor to the child’s actually mother.

This is so messed up. Allegedly the babysitters, thought it would be funny to put the baby in the washing machine, their intent wasn’t meant to be malice. They have got to be remedial if they think putting a baby in a washing machine, was funny. Maybe, they didn’t think the machine was going to come on? I don’t know, but what I do know is, people have to do better and think before committing stupid actions.

My Fox Philly reports that “The Camden County prosecutor’s office is now in the process of interviewing the babysitter of the child,” who was “taken to West Jersey Hospital where he was treated for scrapes and bruises.” The child is only 13 months old. ABC affiliate WPVI spoke to the child’s grandmother this afternoon who “explained how the family found out about the incident after seeing the video on television.” She says the man who placed the boy inside the washing machine “is unknown to the family.”

WPVI notes, “The prosecutor’s office says the incident doesn’t appear to be criminal, but it is asking the man and woman to come forward and prove the boy is okay.” No comment yet from the boy’s parents, but I bet that babysitter has been fired.