This Ain’t Life News \\ KE$HA’S STUDDED HEAD

So apparently hot ghetto mess, has become trendy. I don’t know what the sponge-bob shaped celebrity, Ke$ha was thinking when she decided to chop off a block of her hair and glue studs in replacement.  Today is her birthday, so I guess she’s trying to do it big. She would have been better off gluing the golden studs across her face (oh wait she’s already done that). She’s 25 looking like she’s 35. She must have had a hard knock life, before the “Tik Tok” song took off.



Anywho, This is one fashion statement that needs to be flushed in the crapper. Little impressionable girls, please don’t go out and rock this look. It is not cute for Ke$ha and it won’t be cute for you.

Check out Ke$ha doing the studded mess over her eyebrows. The f-ck?