This Ain’t Life News: Crazy Chick Deena Jacobs Goes Off On Kim Kardashian



If you have not heard of Deena Jacobs, don’t fret. I really was not familiar with her either, until I watched her make a fool out of herself in an interview with blogger buddy, Kareem Williams. Please watch the below video and see just how crazy this chick really is.


 Denena was Kim Kardashian’s number 1 hater  to the point where they made a Reality TV Show based on her meeting Kim K. She was also featured on Dr. Drew and Divorce Court. I had the opportunity to interview the wonderful chocolate skinned, very pretty female. In this interview she go’s in on Kim Kardashian and Tommy Sotomayor yet again. Making this interview one of the most epic rants running neck and neck with Kanye West rants. This is an interview that you will want to watch at least two times. With that said please click the play button below.