This Ain’t Life News: 2Chainz Embarrass Young Naïve Girl #ISTHISYOTHOT



I feel so sorry for the girl caught in the midst of a behind the scenes video of 2 Chainz and his crew after a performance. Evidently the girl, named Tinaa with 2 a’s was lingering around backstage.  I am thinking that 2 Chainz felt like the chick was trying to be a groupie, or as the young kids call it these days, thot. She clearly didn’t get the memo that they did not want her around, even if she was handing out free *samples of kitty litter. The men in the video was making a total mockery of her.

After the video was posted on World Star Hip Hop, people starting going to her Instagram and basically cyber taunting her, teasing her about how she was being a true thot (I hate that word).  I feel bad for her honestly, she was just trying to be great (lol). Now her reputation is forever ruined. It’s being rumored that’s she is a well known hoe groupie, around Atlanta. Ladies be careful out here! Don’t get caught on a #isthisyothot video.

Poor Tinna.

  • WOWZA! I think he was just joking though — either way, how can you drop it on her like that as if she was a nobody. lmao — 2Chainz, u too much
  • MrsGrapevine
    When bullying goes viral. This poor girl, probably has to lay low for a few days and stay off of social media. Wait! Is that a microwave ponytail? Now here I go, let me stop!
  • This is sad as hell, I need to find her and interview her lol lol lol
  • HollywoodHiccups
    They are so so mean.. disgusting men and poor girl!
  • Very MEAN!!!!
  • KiaSoto
    so mean and if those other girls werent there someone would have tried to hit it!!!
  • Wow that was pretty jacked up. I’m so sick of the term THOT.
  • twanatells
    yeah I’m so sick of that word THOT