The Ultimate Frenemies

Frenemies is a real thing rather you know it or not. As an adult you may have to play nice with someone you cannot stand. Friends turn foe all the time, well fake friends.

Have you ever had a frenemy situation? Maybe you had to play nice with a coworker just to get your job done without any drama. Or maybe one of your closest friends, was friends with someone that you did not naturally click with that caused some type of awkward relationship.

Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks remind me of the ultimate Frenemies. They started off as the best of friends and now their relationship is pretty much non existent. The way Kandi spilled the beans and eluded that Phaedra was cheating on Apollo was very deep.

Girl Code is never tell your friends business even if you are not friends anymore. Kandi is doing a lot this season and I not sure what is the real cause of the messiness. She is the only married one on the show so here position is seemingly secure.

Phaedra is not a saint either, she can be rather shady. However she never really told any of Kandi’s personal business. A lot of the things she says in the confessional can cut deep but I do not think it’s coming from a place of malice.

Who’s side are you on? If you can’t tell from the tone of this post, I am siding with Phae Phae.