The Long Time Feud Between Teyana Taylor & Rihanna Explodes


Teyana Taylor and Rihanna has of a history of not getting along. Rihanna being her typical petty self walked right into a twitter war that she did not want any parts of. I’m all for a good twitter fight, because I am petty too and I enjoy the laughs and shade.



The initial beef between the two young ladies, started from Rihanna jacking Teyana’s style. Then it was rumored that Drake was smashing Teyana and maybe this irked Rihanna, because she clearly has a thing for the Canadian rapper.


Jealously is a serious beast, but who’s jealous of who?


Recently TT posted a video on Instagram of her singing Anita Baker’s ‘Rapture.’ Check it out below:

Rihanna and her petty click, posted a parody of Teyana’s video. It’s subliminal shade but it’s so obvious what Rih was doing here.


Teyana caught the shade and took to social media to fire back at Rih. I don’t know if she went about it the best way, she went a little hard over a small situation.


After Teyana rants Rihanna responded:
Screaming in an empty room! #dontfeedtheanimals
I REF– — USE to help your career…you will NOT get an @ from me! Not til you pay me! #iRefuse
I hate broke b-tches.

Melissa Forde went in for her bestfriend by directly tweeting Teyanna:
@TEYANATAYLOR #DizzzaintwhatYOUwant
@TEYANATAYLOR #isFrankenweeniecallinmesicklooking #callab-tchupntellmehowureallyfeelcuntface #F-ckUPayme #LILB-TCH
@TEYANATAYLOR #b-tchugotabetterchanceseeinME #tourdatesareavailableonline #catchMifucan

Peep the girls Twitter headers, I can’t deal….not today!!!


rihanna_90_million_teyana_500_thousand teyana_beats_rihanna_up teyana_shades_rihanna_best_friend_melissa



  • cottenkandi
    Oh lord. Doing too much!
  • Sarah
    Teyana and Rihanna were sleeping together at one point right? Besides, who cares about Rihanna’s money. Rihanna is obviously lonely as fuck and miserable. I wouldn’t want to be her.
  • HollywoodHiccups
    Too much drama for me!
  • MrsGrapevine
    Teyana did get personal, though with the assault picture, but everything else is fair game.
  • Y@zmar
    grow up
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