The Game Reveals His Feelings For His Assistant Lolo



The Game almost had me in tears reading his sweet message he sent out to his assistant, Lolo for her birthday. He gave Lolo a very special, touching birthday shoutout. One thing I like about The Game is his emotional side and the one thing that I don’t like about him is his emotional side, lol.




Peep what The Game said below:

Her….. Let me tell you a little bit about “Her”. #1 she is the best friend that I have in this world & probably the next. She has done in 3 years what no one has managed to do in all my years on earth & that’s love me unconditionally !!! Some people say it, some come close to actually pulling it off but no one has successfully been there for me day in & day out no matter the weather, task or support needed…. This girl right here is “MY N**GA” !!!! Not my WOMAN, not my GIRLFRIEND, NO WE AINT F*CKING & to honestly be able to say that I’ve been to be around a woman this beautiful, fly, dope, smart & all around AMAZING & be able to maintain our friendship says all it needs to say about her character & loyalty to me, my children & my family. There’s not one thing in the WORLD I wouldn’t give her, & although she might know that…. She hasn’t once asked me for anything…. She works her ass off, plays her position & never complains about a fucking thing & that alone gave her an eternal place in my heart as long as it beats !!!! I love you with all my heart Lo & you will forever be appreciated as a gift from God to my life at a time when only he knew I needed someone to help redirect my life into a positive light… I’m FOREVER in debt to you & I wish you the most amazing 25th birthday EVER !!!! & since I’m right here, I guarantee it will be everything it’s supposed to be……. As long as I’m alive, you ain’t got to worry bout a mothaf*ckin thing !!!!! #LaFamilia

You would think that he felt that way about the mother of his kids. The Game insists that his relationship with Lolo is strictly platonic, but we all know friends sometimes make the best lovers.

Can two single people, (woman and man) just be friends?

  • Lo Lo is a good person and she gets the job done for real. She may be one of the industries top assistant.
  • How nice….Cool to see Game tell the world how he feels
  • KiaSoto
    that was nice and glad he cleared the air
  • It’s because she isn’t having sex with her that’s why he respects her.

    She has some sense.

    She’s young, time to move on now. Pick a Hollywood producer or director. Just as challenging as a gang affiliated rapper, but the pay will be better.

  • twanatells
    I wouldn’t be surprised if they got together later down the line
  • HollywoodHiccups
    Wow that’s a very nice birthday message he gave her.
  • Is he trying to gas her up before Love and Hip Hop LA?
  • haha i totally saw this coming. there is chemistry between them.
  • They make a cute couple
  • twanatells
    They gone start phucking soon because she’s starting to spend too much time with him
  • why would he make out with his assistant. what a mess. lol