The Drama Continues With The Real Housewives of Atlanta [Kandi’s Argument With Cynthia, Mallory & Peter]



One thing everyone knows how to do on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, is stir up drama & mess. On the previous episode we saw hell break loose during “The Couples Pillow Talk Game” that Nene Leakes planned.


This show opens up on the after math of the Apollo/Brandon fight. Porsha Williams (Stewart) ran out of the hotel room because she said that it situation turned really hood (ghetto). She also said that she felt a negative spirit entered the space, and I would have to agree with her. Soon after she left Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey ended up getting into a little argument.

Kandi called out Christopher Williams’ wife Natalie. Natalie insinuated that Kandi’s fiancé Todd was an opportunist. After being confronted by Kandi and Todd, Natalie back paddled.  Cynthia jumped into the conversation (because she may have felt guilty for stirring up mess). Cynthia brought Natalie to the group. Natalie originally told Cynthia about her opinions of Todd. Cynthia went back and told Kandi and the rest of the girls what Natalie said (a bunch of he said/she said – messy drama).

Things between Kandi and Cynthia got heated. Cynthia was doing a lot of popping off. Todd tries to diffuse the situation, Peter walks over and then he gets into an argument with Todd. Next thing I know Cynthia’s sister Mallory, is pushing Kandi and Todd. Of course this takes Kandi from a level 5 to level 20!


Kandi had every reason to go off because Mallory was out of order. Cynthia was getting buck with Kandi from the very beginningl. In my opinion Cynthia is not a saint in the situation.  If she would have NOT been messy, Kandi would have never snapped at her.


All of this was just a mess and too much drama for no reason.


The show ended with all the ladies basically going against Kenya. Even though I don’t like Kenya, she has a point. No one can blame her 100 percent for the fight, because at the end of the day Apollo is a grown man, he had no reason to attack Brandon.