The Braxton’s Reunion | Photos

The Braxton Sister’s are a bunch of fun. I can’t lie, these girls are ugly pretty. What’s ugly pretty? It’s when you look one minute and you see a cute person and you look at the same person again at a different angle, and they are ugly as hell. I mean Toni & Trina are the cute ones, truly. Tamar….she can use more, or less of whatever she’s done to her face.

Pictured below are the girls on the set of their reunion show, with the queen of pretty ugly, Wendy Williams.

It’s just something about all the girls eyes, that make them look like they may have a problem. Don’t get me wrong, I like them. They are entertaining as well as talented. But who gon’ buy a bunch of ugly pretty girl’s album? Ok, maybe I’m being harsh, I’ll buy their album.

I can’t wait for the Reunion to air. I know it will be a lot of talk of Gabe & his low down dirty cheating ways. Tamar and Toni’s awkward relationship, ToWanda & her dog ass husband and maybe even the dirty on Doc’s and Mrs. Evelyn’s love life (gross).

All these ladies are a mess & I love watching. Tamar is messiest & she leaves me wanting to mud stomp her ass every episode, but she’s one of my favorites. I can’t lie, I love her boughetto ass.


(pics: Chris Ragazzo)